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Welcome to Cottonwood Public House.  Make yourself at home. Find a seat and relax.

We'll be right with you.

We serve a selection of the best beverages in the area, but nothing from the macro breweries. Our mission and purpose is to expose our patrons to the delicious experience of craft beer, craft pizza, and craft cocktails.


Most importantly, we like to support local brewers. In fact, we have our own “Zack the Brewer” who’s always pushing himself to create the best-tasting beer in Vicksburg. He wants the first sip to surprise you with its goodness, and every sip afterward to satisfy your thirst from eating our savory handmade pizza.


Blake, our chef, will take your palate on a journey. If you’re looking for a comfort, we serve all the classics  - like cheese and pepperoni. If you’re wanting a culinary adventure, we recommend our Cuban. We use as many local, natural ingredients as we can source to ensure quality and flavor.


If you are in the mood for creative cocktails, we serve it. From fruity and flavorful to bittersweet and spirit-forward, we have that and everything in between.


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Two childhood buds open a bar. It sounds like a plot line in How I Met Your Mother. But it’s not. Zack and Jon share decades of memories, but they never imagined managing a new bar together in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This is the dynamic duo running the new pub house in Vicksburg. They aren’t natives to the area, but they are happy transplants from LA and San Diego.


They worked together once before when Jon hired Zack to be a bar back at Idle Hour in North Hollywood, and they're stoked to be working together again. They said it's more like working with a brother than a friend. 

Best Cocktails in Vicksburg



He always had an itch to own a bar and pub. He enjoyed the work of creating a new and delicious cocktail. In fact, he started in the industry as a barback just for the experience.


After consistent and dedicated time doing grunt work, he had a chance to start mixing beverages at the grungy LA bar. He wrote on note cards how to make specific recipes, and with the supervision of a working bartender, he started making drinks - and no, he didn’t get to keep the tips.


He quickly moved into management. When he finally made it to Idle Hour, he was getting to design a menu for the first time, and he fell in love with the process.When Jon goes to work making cocktails for a menu, he likes to retreat back into his private work space and spend hours tweaking recipes. He won’t emerge until he believes he has something customers will love.


Now, he’s working to introduce new and fun flavors to the Vicksburg community.


Beer in Vicksburg
Best Beer in Mississippi


His brewing experience started with a White Elephant Christmas gag gift. His first several batches were far from pleasant, but he had fun with the experience. He kept his cheap plastic keg in the bathroom because it was the only place he could control the temperature. To this day, his friends pick fun at his “bathroom beer,” but everyone has to start somewhere, right?


Zack has better equipment, more time, and extra space to practice his craft now than he did in LA when he was working 60 to 80 hours a week at Insomniac as a game developer. Back then, beer was a hobby.


He took the leap into the industry when he was laid off from his job just three days before his wedding. He made his own beer to serve at his wedding, and gave bottles of it as a parting gift. It was his first serious step toward becoming a full-time brewer. He and his wife traveled to Belgium and France for their honeymoon. He was intoxicated by the brewing lifestyle he witnessed in Belgium, and during that adventure, he found his dream.  


When he got back to the U.S., he started working with Jon at Idle Hour just to learn more about the industry. He also jumped on the year-and-half-long waitlist to get into the University of San Diego California’s brewing program.


After nine months of working as a bar back, he moved back to San Diego where began working at Council Brewing Company while he worked through the brewing program at USDC. He painstakingly dedicated months to learning the science of the ingredients all while working under experts in the industry. When Jon approached him about the opportunity in Vicksburg, Zack decided he wanted to run his own brewing operation. So, the two buddies packed up their families and everything they own to make Vicksburg their new home.


Side note: Jon likes road trips, but Zack doesn’t. He said he’s perfectly content never driving a U-Haul again, so he’ll probably be here forever.


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Building Something New


Cottonwood Public House started with two buildings in the center of downtown Vicksburg.  Among the old architecture and history, Jon and Zach ran the numbers and looked at what would become their new home.

In June, they took hammers to the walls. The next six months they were scrambling to get everything set up just right. It was to be the first brewery in Vicksburg, and they wanted to create a perfect pub. They set out to make the space feel comfortable for every customer.


The room feels airy with the sliding barn door at the entrance and the open dining space. The low-lighting makes it both intimate and casual. Their work was a hit in the community, and so was the craft beer. In fact, Zack sold his first batch (93 gallons!) of beer in just six days.


Since opening in January 2018, Cottonwood has brought together friends and families from all over the state, and from all over the world.


We invite you to stop in on your way through.  If you are staying in or around Vicksburg, or just passing through stop in after 4pm on weekdays and as early as 11am on weekends.  Make yourself comfortable and find a few new friends while you are at it.