Our Pizza has The Best Ingredients

We promise every bite of our pizza will burst with mouth-watering flavor.

More importantly, we care immensely about quality, so whether you're sipping our most recent brew or chowing down on our savory Neapolitan-style pizza, we only use the best ingredients, and you’ll taste the difference.

If you’re looking for a delightfully fresh meal and the best pizza in Vicksburg, then we can deliver. Just check out our ingredients, and judge for yourself.

Warning: Don’t read while hungry.


Every Pizza is Made with Fresh Herbs and Vegetables

Hyper-localism in the food industry means finding nearby resources we use in our recipes. We’d like to pick our ingredients from as many local farmers as possible.

Local doesn’t mean better by default. However, we’ve found that farmers and distributors in Vicksburg and other nearby towns in Mississippi seem to care about their craft as much as we do.

More importantly, we don’t have to worry about where something is grown or made because we can drive there and see it for ourselves.

When we carefully choose our vegetables, meats, and other ingredients, and we don’t worry about health scares like the recent E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce.

We know exactly where we get our food, and we can quickly trace the source to determine if there was any contamination.

Best Pizza In Vicksburg


The Best Pizza in Vicksburg has Quality Meats

It starts with the basics.  We find quality pepperoni, succulent sausage, and we marinate many of our other meats. Our pork is bathed in a mojo marinade, and we soak it for an entire day. Then, we slow roast the meat overnight.  

We use a citrus brine on our chicken to highlight nuances of it’s sweet and savory flavors, and just before we cook it we toss it in an adobo spice.


We Don’t Serve Just Any Cheese

Sure, bagged shredded cheese offers a certain amount of convenience, especially when we make so much pizza. But, we forego efficiency for quality.

Pre-shredded cheese requires more additives to keep it from clumping into a big ball. To keep our flavor fresh, we use block mozzarella, and shred it ourselves, and we think it will give you a superior pizza experience.

Pizza in Vicksburg


Our Sauce is Custom (but not secret).

The normal way to make pizza sauce is by simply adding salt and basil to the blended tomatoes and spreading it on the dough.  

We aren’t normal.

First, we caramelize sweet onions, add some basil, and drop in roasted garlic. Then, we sauté the ingredients in oil. Finally, we deglaze the pan with wine before adding blended tomatoes to cook down and season with any necessary salt while working to cook out as much water as possible.

This process produces a unique and rich flavor that is noticeable but compliments the other flavors in the finished pizza.

Handmade Pizza in Vicksburg


The Best Pizza Requires the Best Handmade Dough

In the back of our prep area is a large mixer. Seriously, it’s massive.

We prep a new batch of dough each evening to let it sit and rise overnight. This extra time helps the flavors to mingle throughout the dough, creating a more complex taste. More importantly, it lets the air penetrate the dough. We hand-form each pizza, ensuring a thorough consistency.

Nothing Beats a Brick Oven

We pile up all the ingredients on top of the dough right before sliding it into our brick oven.

While 860 degrees Fahrenheit might seem like a bit much for a pizza, we think it is the perfect operating temperature. Cooking a fresh pizza in this heat means a crispy crust that encapsulates a warm, tender core.  Any other oven would take too long to cook the pizza and would render parts of the center doughy and undercooked. You’ll definitely know we cook our pizza different than your typical pizza restaurant.

Pizza Brick oven blog.jpg


Stay on Your Toes, Our Flavors are Always Changing

We have the staple flavors everyone considers essential – pepperoni, cheese, and margherita – and we believe in creating unique flavors whenever we can.

Our Cuban is made with ham we shave ourselves, our in-house pulled pork, and topped with pickled onions, house whole mustard grains, and fresh greens.  From there, our flavors of pizza expand to the limits of the imagination. Come in and come often, because we may have a new flavor for you to try.

We don’t make a New York, or Chicago style, or a square pizza. We make a 10-12 inch Neapolitan pizza that is perfect for a couple of people to sit and enjoy.  We use hand-picked, fresh ingredients, and cook it all in our Brick house oven. Made fresh to order, and never pulled pre-made from a freezer.

The best part is meat isn’t our only talent. You’ll fall in love with our craft beers, some of which are made by our very own “Zach the Brewer.”

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