Stop Complaining and Eat Your Veggies (Tim)

“I’m always bitching about not having anything but Pizza. I mostly eat vegetables, fish and sometimes chicken. But look at this! [*pats belly] This is from eating too much Pizza!”  -Tim, Owner of Cottonwood

Vegetarian Food in Vicksburg

Veggies for Tim was a clapback by the crew so they could stop listening to the owner bemoan the lack of vegetables on his plate. Hence, “Veggies for Tim.” - (Is this what you were wanting Tim?)

Fresh vegetable dinner in Vicksburg
Vegetarian Food in Vicksburg


Veggies for Tim is a bowl of heirloom rice, grains and peas, and topped with whatever vegetables we can get in and cooked however we think is best.  

It’s slightly herbal, tangy,  and will perfectly satisfy your appetite for something healthy.

Tim said the California Sonoma chardonnay pairs nicely with the meal because “it’s a perfectly drinkable chardonnay.” Smooth and savory, it's just enough to get your night started.

Cocktail and vegetable pairings
Cottonwood Public House