Here's How We Make Our "Sour Cream & Onion" Pizza

The whole thing started off with the idea of potatoes and leeks. Together they are super classic French style cooking.


What we ended up doing is we took the leaks and simmered them down in the cream and cheese and a little lemon juice. That became the base underneath everything. Then, there's this slightly textural, really creamy and smooth experience going on above it.


We had to be creative with the potato chips because if you have a big ass potato chip, like from a Russet potato, it doesn't work and it's weird. It looks weird, and it's just not cool.


Pizza in Vicksburg

So we got fingerling potatoes, which are like the size of your thumb and they get sliced straight into these little rounds, and they are super thin.


They get brined a little bit, so they're really nice and seasoned whenever they come out.


They get fried, and they go on top. So basically what you do, other than that is just make a cheese pizza with the base being creamed leeks.


When it comes out of the oven, it gets cut, we blanket it in a nice even layer of potato chips. We also add some chopped chives over the top.


The one thing that we did that was a little different from what you'd normally get is we grate cured egg yolk over the top.


It's just something I've read about it, a few books. Basically, we take yolks and bury them in salt and sugar for four or five days.


What happens is the salt and sugar preserves it and hardens the yolk where it’s this mashable almost putty-like thing.


We take the yolk a wash it off and dehydrated it for 12 to 18 hours.


What you get is this hard, bright yellow, a little ball that if you grate, it tastes just like Parmesan. It’s rich and unctuous and cheesy — umami almost.


It provides that finishing salty, cheesy, rich component. And it's heavy. With the cheese, the crunch, the cream and the little bit of acidity that comes with that.


It's really good and balanced pizza.


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